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Women's Cut 

65-75 Stylist // 95 Advanced // Director, By Appointment

Men's Cut

55-60 Stylist // 68 Advanced // Director, By Appointment 



45 The DailyFresh Luxe Oribe and Soothed’N’Smoothed Finish. (No HotTools)

55 The After 5 (We got this, it’s an all out HairAffair, Luxe Oribe+Hot Tools)


70 Stylist // 90 Advanced // Director, By Appointment 


Bridal Trial (Req'd)

120.00- 1 Hour 


120 Stylist 75 minutes // 150 Advanced 75 minutes

Mother Of, BridesMaids

Blow Out

95 Stylist // 130 Advanced

Up Do

110 Stylist // 150 Advanced

Off Site On Request Only; Minimum 3 (Bride+2); Deposit and Gratuity,18%.

50% Deposit, Condtions Apply


+20 Add DailyFresh to any of the services below


107 Single Process (Rough Dry Finish Only)

117 Colour Balance

+10 Pure Pigment FujiFinish

Elumenated Naturals

110 Grey Coverage

117 Colour Balance

Double Process, Bleach and Tone+


Elumen ShineTone


Blonded, The Highlights

110+ Partial

155+ Half Highlight

+30 RootPolish

Full Highlight

220+ includes toning

+30 RootPolish


250+ Hair Painting includes Refinement

+25 RootPolish

+2 hours. Extra for extra product/time

*Glaze, Gloss, Tone extra


60 BaseBreak

45 Tone, Gloss, Glaze

*Corrective Colour/Hair Painting 225+ per hour

Priced at Consultation

All Colour Services include Rough Dry Finish. For DailyFresh Blow Out, please arrange at time of booking.

All Colour Services are Client Specific: Texture, Porosity, Density and Length are taken into consideration when articulating Formula and Best Technique.

Hair Painting is not for you if you desire Cool, Icy, Flat Blonde Finishes as Painting reveals Warm/Golden tones. All Highlight and Painting Services require Refinement at extra charge (except where offered).

Colour is sensitive to a variety of conditions. If for any single or combination of conditions, your hair is not at desired strength/tensility, Colour Services will A, be adjusted to protect from further damage or B, will not be performed until condition of hair has improved. More often than not, a haircut is necessary to expedite a return to stronger fibre.

Using GOLDWELL AFTER CARE, BOND PRO, OLAPLEX and ORIBE HAIR CARE is strongly recommended to strengthen texture. improve shine and prevent loss of tone. navigateSalon uses ORIBE LUXURY HAIR CARE at our back bar and styling stations—you’ll feel, smell, and see the glamour envelop you. We look forward to your honest to goodness Gorgeous, Gorgeous. xoxnavigators

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